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About myself

Veerle PietersI'm a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. My personal journal is an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips.

I began my career in 1992 as a freelance graphic designer under the name of Duoh!. The first 3 years were mainly filled with print orientated work such as logos, stationery and brochures.

From 1995 onward, designing websites and user interfaces for intranets together with multimedia development was my main focus.

Duoh!In 2000 I've founded Duoh! n.v. together with Geert Leyseele. I'm the CEO of Duoh! n.v. and live in Deinze, Belgium a small but beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

During the past years Duoh! has been working for the Library of Congress in Washington DC for a project called "The Learning Page".

In 2003 I've discovered Web Standards after seeing the CSS Zen Garden and the work of Douglas Bowman. Since then I never looked back and I'm actively promoting the benefits of Web Standards through this personal journal.

My dream is that I have a small contribution in making the interweb a better place.

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Illustration for Espresso application startscreen

Illustration for Espresso application startscreen

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Alexander Girard

Alexander Girard-inspired fonts and objects.

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