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Oct 31

Panther’s hidden secrets discoverd!

0 comments 2003 at 06.49 am posted by Veerle Pieters

After a week of full-time work and digging around in Apple’s new beast “Panther”, I came across some useful features… Most keyboard shortcuts are already consistent from program to program on the Mac, but there are exceptions; the Hide All Windows command in Photoshop, for example, should be Command-H like most other Mac programs, not Option-Command-H. Fortunately, using the new Keyboard control panel, you can easily change any keystroke in any program. You can also make up a new keyboard shortcut for menu commands that doesn’t have them. I’ve already found this simple feature useful over and over again.

Oct 30

Getting fired over a G5

0 comments 2003 at 05.30 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Michael once worked at Microsoft, but now has lost his job. He has a weblog and published a photo of a delivery of Apple G5’s on the Redmond-campus. Apparently the people at Microsoft weren’t amused by this and Michael could pack his things and leave…

Oct 29

Enormous solar flare hits Earth today

0 comments 2003 at 05.41 am posted by Veerle Pieters

This is no Star Trek! An intense storm of radiation is heading toward Earth today after a giant solar flare (one of the largest ever detected!) hurled high-energy particles from the sun’s surface Tuesday at more than 4 million miles an hour. High-frequency radio communications—mostly military and aircraft—could be blacked out worldwide,... If things starting acting a little weird today, you know what’s causing it… but if you by any chance start behaving strangely forget blaming it on the solar flare :-P

Oct 28

Purple frog delights scientists

0 comments 2003 at 12.35 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

There is a new frog discovered... And it is a very weird one but also a very valuable one since it may tell us more about earth history. DNA analysis suggests the common ancestor of the animals lived 130 million years ago, when the planet’s landmasses were joined together into a giant supercontinent called Gondwana. It is a “once-in-a-century” find, unfortunately I can’t take the credit for finding this species :-)

Oct 27

Lizard news

0 comments 2003 at 12.53 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Ibiza lizardNearly every holidaymaker who has visited Ibiza must have seen some local lizard lounging on rocks in the sun and scuttling away when disturbed… But no one had realised that this little lizard is unique in the wonderful world of nature! Investigators at Spain’s top university, Salamanca, have discovered that the Balearic lizard is the only reptile in the entire world which helps to pollinate and disperse the seeds of certain plants. Without the lizard these plants would not survive.

I took this picture this Summer. He didn’t seem to be scared of the camera, even at a distance of 15 cm! It was also a large one. Most of the lizards I’ve seen at Ibiza are about 10 or 12 cm long (tail included), but this one was at least 20 cm and also a very nice one as you can see.

Oct 25

What a nice sky!

0 comments 2003 at 12.43 pm posted by Veerle Pieters


On Friday morning we had a very nice sky. Because of this very cold and windy weather the sky was colored from pink to yellow, orange and to purple... very special. I've taken a shoot ...

Skyline taken on Friday morning around 8 a.m. I enjoyed the view for a moment, it was beautiful ;-)

Panther is spurring nicely! :-D

0 comments 2003 at 12.26 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Panther is really what Apple promised! ... Since this morning I’m running Panther on my dual 1Gig G4 and boy do I like it! :-D Everything feels much faster and looks much crisper. This is SUPER :-) I measure my processor load through a Konfabultor widget (CPU Portal) and I see that it has dropped with half.

Oct 24

Tonight is THE Night!

2 comments 2003 at 11.15 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Panther box With all this Panther madness going on I can hardly wait to get it spurring on my Mac :-P Yesterday I ordered my box at IT-Pro Gent... Tonight at 8 p.m. it’s “Panther Night” world wide!

I’m very glad that finally we can enjoy the events at the same time as in the U.S. This time we don’t have to wait and wonder, so this is really cool! I’ll collect my Panther box together with some of my Mac colleagues and I’m looking forward to this. I wonder how many people will be there at this store? But one thing will be for sure, there won’t be thousands like we often hear about when Apple opens a new store in the U.S. I think over there it will be mass-moving again :-D

I hear from a U.S. client that it is a big hype over there so I guess it will be huge. Shops will be open till midnight, here it’s till 10 p.m. Lets hope this will be a big success, but I’m confident that it will! ;-)

.. counting the hours :-P

Oct 23

Adobe’s upgrade policy

0 comments 2003 at 11.38 am posted by Veerle Pieters

I recently looked into the matter of upgrading to the CS collection and it seems that Adobe is screwing their loyal customers. Upgrading to every CS program separately cost you almost as much then upgrading from 1 product to the entire Standard or Premium Suite. For example if you own Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2 you pay 553 Euro to upgrade all of them.

So people who just have Photoshop in any version can update to all these programs for only 579 Euro. Adobe doesn’t make a difference if you are a loyal customer who bought every update of all these programs in the past, no special prices, no bonuses, nada! :-( This makes me really mad if you think about the fact that they always complain about illegal downloads etc. They’re asking for it don’t you think?

We get no favors and are treated the same way or worse then people who skip versions all the time. We are in fact the victim of Adobe’s brilliant idea of bundling their products and making sure that people buy the whole suite. It goes as far as when looking on their store that you will have hard time finding the separate upgrades. Can you tell I’m a bit frustrated! ;-)

Oct 22

Photoshop improves your look…

3 comments 2003 at 11.53 am posted by Veerle Pieters

It’s common knowledge that Photoshop is being used to touch up or manipulate the image of products, models etc. Now I came across a master in deception, a real Photoshop guru, his name is Greg.

In his portfolio you will get a pretty good idea of what is possible and what is being used nowadays in advertising. Greg opens his magic box of tricks and I can tell (as a Photoshop user) it is amazing! On his page you can see a “before” and “after” very interesting to view. The downside to all this eye-candy is that I can only conclude that I feel like an amateur next to what he does ;-)

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