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Nov 30

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates “head-to-head”

1 comments 2003 at 11.03 am posted by Veerle Pieters

UK television channel BBC2 will broadcast a show that looks at the world’s most powerful computer moguls Thursday December 4 at 10.50 p.m. (Belgian time)...

Nov 28

World’s Tallest Virtual Building

0 comments 2003 at 02.04 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

To remain in the nice pixel-look (ref. yesterday’s post), I found this interesting website… By downloading the template people were able to build their own virtual apartment. Since the apartment has reached its limits of 1000 meters height and 331 residents you’re now unable to add another apartment. Still I really wanted to share this with you, since this is really a cool idea :-)

This is 1 of the many wacko apartments:
Pixel look building

Visit world’s tallest virtual building.

Nov 27

Take a tour in the LEGO factory

0 comments 2003 at 01.08 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Logo LegoDidn’t you play with those famous LEGO bricks when you where a kid? I did, I was really fond of these toys. I could spent hours building all sorts of stuff. Well, for the fans among us, you can now find out how they are made ...

Take an interactive tour of a typical LEGO factory and learn how LEGO bricks begin the long journey that ends up under your couch ;-) I really like the pixel look they gave this interactive site. It’s also very suitable for this product. The concept of this is so cool by mixing pixel drawings with real pictures/movies. As a designer (and webdesigner) I must say, “a job well done!”. It is far from boring to get to know the rather boring part behind LEGO, it’s fun to click, explore and see the entire process. Really COOL :-)

Visit the LEGO website (roll over the numbers to see real pictures/movies)

Nov 26

Scary mutants

0 comments 2003 at 02.12 am posted by Veerle Pieters

GoatbirdEver wondered how a cross-breed of a lion and a monkey or a monkey and a frog would look like? Or how about a dog with 4 heads, a bird with 6 legs... ?

Yesterday I came across a site and found these weird, funny pictures (click on enter)... I bet who ever made these pictures, has used Photoshop :-P .... and has done a pretty "nice?" job?? Maybe "interesting" is a better word to describe this ;-)

See for yourself and watch those freaks !

Nov 23

Give nature a hand

0 comments 2003 at 12.47 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

TitmiceBird feeding is a popular and convenient way to observe birds up close…

Since Winter has arrived we’ve put up a bird feeder in our tree in front of our office to help them bare the Winter the season. This way we help nature and we can enjoy the nice view of birds flying by. We did hang a feeder filled with peanuts. It attracts titmice, robins and finches. So far we have only seen titmice and one robin. The titmice are very font of peanuts and the are real acrobats, only they can fly directly to the feeder hang on like this while eating.

A few days ago there where 5 of them flying around. It’s very nice to watch them, they are lovely birds.

Nov 21

Veerle’s blog gets a “visitors-boost”

0 comments 2003 at 03.17 am posted by Veerle Pieters

When I looked at my visitors stats this morning the numbers were going through the roof ;-)... at least for a simple blog like mine. So I did a bit of “Sherlocking” and the unbelievable has happened…

MacSurferMacSurfer has added a link to my blog today! :-) They were referring to my ShapeShifter story of yesterday. I’m wondering how many visitors a page like MacSurfer gets daily. If only a few of them reach my blog I’m a happy camper ;-)

And it’s nice to see all those Mac fellows arriving on my pages! I hope that they like what they see and that they will keep popping in once in a while. This keeps me motivated to find some interesting stories to tell.

Nov 20


3 comments 2003 at 03.10 am posted by Veerle Pieters

If you are an interface geek as me you can now dress-up your Mac(OS X). Remember Kaleidoscope from the good old days? Well you now have a similar app called ShapeShifter for MacOS X to change the entire look of your Mac interface.

Nov 18

Out now! A 20” iMac and a 1.8 dual Ghz G5

0 comments 2003 at 10.07 am posted by Veerle Pieters

In our company we have still a Special Edition iMac DV (graphite) who serves webpages. But Apple now presents its new 20-inch iMac, the largest display in an all-in-one computer. If you’re planning to buy the 1.8 GHz machine, you’ll now get a dual instead! If Apple only would release some new screens then everybody would be happy, cause I’m waiting… my money is itching Apple :-P

Nov 15

The Reality of Bugs

0 comments 2003 at 01.13 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Next time you come across a bug in a web browser and are thinking “is this still not fixed?” then you might read further to see the reason behind the slow pace that bugs are being squished… You will hear Dave Hyatt talk about the reality of bugs. Dave is the creator of Chimera and many parts of Mozilla. He was an employee at Netscape/AOL until Apple offered him a job.

Nov 14

Drunken moose alert in southern Norway

0 comments 2003 at 11.45 am posted by Veerle Pieters

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