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Mar 31

SETI@home desktop icon

3 comments 2004 at 11.54 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Way back on my Quadra 700 I use to have an After Dark Star Trek screensaver that I liked a lot. I heard Spock saying "Scotty get us out of here"... etc. Today I'm still in space when my screen gets dark, except I now run a bit more useful screensaver, I render SETI@home packages.

The only thing I don't like about SETI is the ugly application icon. I've always had something with icons, I love them. You should see my Pixadex library, it's quite a collection. But I also love creating icons for user interfaces etc. So when I thought about creating my first desktop icon, I didn't have to think twice... SETI@home would be my first challenge. As you can see I didn't forget my Windows readers as well, this time it's fun for everyone! ! ;-)

It's also my way of saying thank you to all my readers.

Another milestone

16 comments 2004 at 12.04 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Yesterday was another milestone for my blog. When I started all this with iBlog there were around 10 people who visited my site. When I redesigned the whole thing I got listed on the CSS vault and since then I have around 300 people who visit my blog each day.

Mar 30

A new XHTML/CSS tool on its way?

14 comments 2004 at 01.55 am posted by Veerle Pieters

I came across an interesting read this morning on MacOS Rumors. So yes this is still speculation but certainly something to think about for a minute. I’m talking about the rumor that Apple is maybe considering making a web design application. First thing that pops into my mind is a consumer based app (ala PageMill), easy to use but not for us pros ;-)

Mar 29

Working with CSS, how to start…

5 comments 2004 at 12.54 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Designing a web-page is one thing but converting into a web-page is something totally different. Today I want to share my experience on how I start this job. I can imagine that for an experienced web designer most steps will be obvious and crystal clear but for the less experienced ones there are a lot of question marks.

Mar 26

Utility fest!

7 comments 2004 at 02.50 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Mar 25

Water under the bridge…

15 comments 2004 at 04.45 am posted by Veerle Pieters

As you may have heard, yesterday Microsoft got fined $613 Million/497 Million Euro by European Union. Media Player is the center of all this.

“Consumers ought to be able to choose their media player, not Microsoft,” Mr. Monti said at the news conference. “Media Player is a separate product. There is a separate demand for media players.”

According to the ruling Microsoft now has to make two different versions of its Windows operating system, one with the player and one without in Europe.

Mar 24

Xserve G5

2 comments 2004 at 03.28 am posted by Veerle Pieters

None of our Macs at Duoh! have joined the G5 world yet, but that’s now about to change since we have ordered an Xserve G5 to replace our aging G4 server. The server has been on order since the beginning of February. Yesterday Apple released a press release that they started shipping the Xserve to customers. I have no clue when it will arrive here in Belgium since the US will probably be first. The Virginia Tech cluster has ordered 1.100 of these and I can imagine that Apple will make that a priority. I know that my dealer Macline has several Xserve’s on back-order. It seems that this is a much wanted item.
Xserve G5
The server will be used for file, print and web development. It will also host our company’s extra-net. With Apache on it together with MySQL and PHP this will be a great new toy to play with ;-) I’m already curious in its speed and how cool the packaging will be, because as most Mac users know, unpacking is part of the fun if you buy a Mac.

It could very well mean that even this blog and [url=][/url] will eventually be hosted on a Xserve in the future.

Mar 23

Style Master 3.5 review

5 comments 2004 at 06.50 am posted by Veerle Pieters

I’ve been using a demo version of Style Master for about 3 weeks now and I must say there are several cool features I like. First thing I like a lot about Style Master is the fact that your code mode is still visible while you add a property to your statement through the sliding menus. You see a live-update of your code while doing this.

Mar 22

Defining the secrets of inspiration

12 comments 2004 at 03.32 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Inspiration is something that comes to me unexpected and often hard to explain. Most days it comes naturally, but sometimes it can be hard to find that spark. And when it’s there, it feels like a mysterious source of energy, and I get an impulse (drive?) to create. But where does it come from? Now THAT’s the question that we’re trying to understand.

Mar 19

Yeti and Penguin game… Part III

11 comments 2004 at 02.50 am posted by Veerle Pieters

It has been a wile since I last posted a game. With the weekend fast approaching the ideal time-killer. Looks like I am starting to specialize in those Yeti games ;-)

Seal Bounce
The first installment was Penguin Throw and was great fun, the second one Orca Slap was not bad but not as much fun as the original. You guessed it, here is part III: Seal Bounce! You have to throw the penguin in the sky and aim it so that with a bit of luck the seals make it fly even higher. Its simplicity and humorous approach make it a hit. In case you’re wondering my best throw was 299.61 and my overall score was 1205.6. Do tell if your hand-eye coordination is any better ;-)

Go play Seal Bounce.

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