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Apr 30

Full screen QuickTime VR movies

2 comments 2004 at 05.32 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Ever wondered how it would feel to be on top of the world? No I am not talking about having a top moment but being on top of Mount Everest instead. Not just a picture but a breath taking full screen 360 degree panorama QuickTime movie (it looked stunning on my 22” inch Cinema Display). The QuickTime movies have gorgeous quality and some of them even contain sound. QuickTime is available for Mac and PC btw.

QuickTime VR movies

This site is filled with full screen QuickTime panoramas from all over the world. You can spend a whole weekend enjoying visiting all those places ;-) You can imagine that you’re Indiana Jones when visiting “Petra the forgotten City” in the mountains of Jordan or go to “The Niagara Cascade” at Reunion Island.

You can even view an X-ray 360 degree panorama inside a mouth or taste what the design of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren feels like. How about the Burning Man Festival 2003?

Did I spark you’re curiosity? Go take a look, you won’t regret it.
I hope you’ll all enjoy the weekend and see you back on Monday.

Apr 29

Yeti and The Penguin Part 4: Albatross overload

1 comments 2004 at 12.48 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Time for al little break as the week is coming to an end. I posted all previous games of Yeti and the Penguin, so without further delay here is part 4 called Albatross Overload.

Especially my Ozi visitors will like the game since it takes place on a Australian beach. As you probably guessed the penguin has yet again a central role but this time you have to aim it so that the penguin flies together with the albatross.

The first click is to shoot the penguin at the right moment and all other clicks are used to flap the wings of the albatross. The secret here is not to click too much but letting the albatross glide so that his wing power gets a boast.

After a few games I was able to collect this score 2862,32 ;-)

Apr 28

Oh, Yeah, He Also Sells Computers

2 comments 2004 at 02.12 am posted by Veerle Pieters

If you want to catch up and read something interesting about Steve Jobs and all the history behind his career then you must read this cool article by JOHN MARKOFF.

Apr 27

Fontrendering on Mac OS X and Windows XP

9 comments 2004 at 04.03 am posted by Veerle Pieters

I was reading Jeffrey Zeldman’s post “I would like to buy the world a Mac” where he talks about using pixellated text when designing in Photoshop because most of the world will see it that way. He has a point there because not everybody has updated to Windows XP and even if they are ClearType is off by default. Most users I know don’t even have a clue that it is there in the first place.

Apr 26

Min-height will be supported in Safari’s next update

1 comments 2004 at 07.49 am posted by Veerle Pieters

I’ve read on Dave Hyatt‘s weblog that he implemented the support for min-heigth and max-height into Safari. This is great news for CSS developers since this is a very handy property.

Apr 23

Fun with floats

9 comments 2004 at 07.27 am posted by Veerle Pieters

A friend and reader of my blog, Travis Crips, helped me out on a webpage design in CSS. I got stuck on some errors and didn’t know how to fix them. Travis found the error and pointed me at some interesting floating issues that I would like to share with you…

Apr 22

What has been happening in the world of digital music lately?

5 comments 2004 at 02.55 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Time for getting you up to speed concerning the digital music revolution. It seems that the iPod, iTunes and Digital Rights Management (DRM) are hot topics at NAB.

Let’s start with the sad news. Yes more delays for the European iTunes music store. Apple Europe vice president Pascal Cagni warned this week that the launch of the iTunes Music Store in Europe may be delayed for “a few months”, while the company works to ensure that the service will be “perfect”. He cited Europe’s sometimes-conflicting music-business bureaucracy and its recalcitrance in arranging digital music licenses as cause of the delay.

23rd Post

0 comments 2004 at 01.50 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Keith told me:

  • 1. Go into your blog's archives.
  • 2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
  • 3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
  • 4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
  • From Purple frog delights scientists a post on October 28th 2003:

    "Scientists have given it the name Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, from the Sanskrit
    word for nose (nasika); batrachus, meaning frog; and Sahyadri, the name for its
    mountain home"

Apr 21

While designing, do you think about the next step?

8 comments 2004 at 01.41 am posted by Veerle Pieters

When you design an interface/lay-out for a website you start probably just like me by translating your ideas into graphics in Photoshop. But while you are doing this, I wonder if you also keep the next step in mind? Are you constantly thinking on how you’ll convert your design into HTML? And whether it is doable yes or no? Or if you’re not, then when should you think about it?

Apr 19

Validator for CSS

5 comments 2004 at 05.00 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

When I had to search for something on Google I came across a pretty extensive validator for CSS. This validator has a lot of features like checking against browsers such as Internet Explorer for PC and Mac and Netscape 6 and Opera. The only browsers that I didn’t find on the list are Safari, FireFox and Mozilla.

This validator can also show some tips and suggestions. Maybe you’ve already discovered this one but I thought it was worth it to make a post about it. I had to check my stylesheet with FireFox because it didn’t work with Safari 1.2.1 on Panther. This can be handy.

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