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Aug 29

175 year Belgium, the history…

22 comments 2005 at 12.36 am posted by Veerle Pieters

In case you are not interested in the history just watch the two movies below, but you should read it to brush up your history, I did ;-) Not many Belgians or others for that matter will remember that only a few days ago we remembered the start of the Belgian revolution. So our country is celebrating it’s 175th birthday.

Aug 25

CSS: the white-space property

40 comments 2005 at 02.14 am posted by Veerle Pieters

“White space” is a property I have never used before…

Aug 22

Miguel Migs - 24th Street Sounds

13 comments 2005 at 01.40 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Time for some music now, when browsing through the ITMS recently I saw that iTunes Music staff added an album that I bought in 2004. NRK’s Nite:Life 20 Miguel Migs - 24th St. Sounds. I think it is about the historic, tree-lined street known as El Corazon de la Misione, or “the heart of the Mission”. Miguel has been on my top list for a long time and after meeting him in Ibiza for a chat the love for his vibe only got stronger. This laid back down to earth guy gets me moving with his latest example of the sunny, jazzy, funky music also known by some as deep house.

Aug 19

Design in-Flight is back

7 comments 2005 at 02.24 am posted by Veerle Pieters

My article in Design in FlightThe well respected digital magazine Design in Flight was cancelled a few weeks ago but now it is back in an online edition. With contributors like Eric Meyer, Jason Santa Maria, Jon Hicks, Mark Boulton, Keith Robinson, Molly Holzschlag, Eris Free and others this is one magazine that should end up in your bookmarks.

Back in April I have written an article about Color Theory: Choosing color combinations that you now can read online for free. So if you ever wondered about the wonderful world of colors maybe it is something for you. Give Design in Flight a try I think you’ll love it. Good luck Andy with your online adventure!

Aug 16

A look at Illustrator CS2 Live Paint

7 comments 2005 at 02.10 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Illustrator CS2 Live PaintSome of you may wonder if an upgrade to CS2 is worthwhile. Well, I can’t decide for you, but I must say that the new Creative Suite has some nice cool features: Live Paint just to pick one. I’m just talking about Illustrator CS2 here, I didn’t even mention Brigde or the new Photoshop features. When time permits we’ll talk about those too, but at this moment I want to show you the power of Live Paint in this step-by-step tutorial.

Aug 12

Album art on steroids

21 comments 2005 at 03.20 am posted by Veerle Pieters

My buddy Simon already posted it but since there’s bound to be people here that didn’t know about this little gem I posted it here too. Without a doubt the most freaking cool way to browse your album art on a Mac. This is the kind of eye-candy that sits proudly on my Mac screen. If you have a Mac too download the technology demo here.

CoverFlow, The coolest way to browse your album art

Aug 10

Using WIFI on location

49 comments 2005 at 03.45 am posted by Veerle Pieters

One of the coolest technologies that I enjoy using is WIFI. It has been out for a while and more and more hotels and public areas have hotspots. But like with any new technology or hype there always people that are trying to make a ridiculous amount of money because it is hot.

Aug 08

All good things come to an end

11 comments 2005 at 12.49 am posted by Veerle Pieters

All good things come to an end and so did my holiday. I’m still adapting to Belgium weather again. After being used to temperatures from 36-40�C coming home and having 18�C it feels like winter.  We already experienced the ever changing weather with wind, thunderstorms, heavy rain, sun, etc and that all in 4 days :-) So let’s say that I am still looking forward to some hot August Summer temps.

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