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Dec 29

2005 - 2006

13 comments 2005 at 03.45 am posted by Veerle Pieters

It’s the time of the year for reflections so I can’t stay behind and will look back to see if 2005 was a good year.

2005 looking back

Looking at my resolutions of last year I noticed that some of them didn’t came thru. One of them was a redesign of this place that didn’t came to life because of a lack of free time. At least a we mananaged to get our new identity and business website out the door at the reboot of May.

Dec 27

Keep Internet Explorer for Mac alive

32 comments 2005 at 02.09 am posted by Veerle Pieters

As you probably have heard Microsoft is stopping support for it as of December 31, 2005. Back in the day this was a great browser but those days are long gone and Mac users have other options like Safari, Firefox, Camino etc.

As a webdesigner IE Mac can be challenge to support and users of this browser should realize there are other better options. Hiding your CSS for IE Mac can be a solution but that’s not always possible in certain projects.

Just when we thought we are finally done with it there comes along a technology commentator called Bill Thompson who thinks it would be a good idea for Microsoft to release the code without any copyright restrictions to the open source community. According to Bill Thompson this would prove that Microsoft is a changed company and that it would confound many of their critics. Do we need another browser? I don’t think so, life as webdesigner is already complicated enough and the less browsers the better. Choice is good but “trop c’est trop”. Let the dead rest and move on. So what do you think do we need another Internet Explorer for Mac?

Dec 25

Merry Xmas

17 comments 2005 at 05.21 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Yup it is that time of the year again, so first of all Merry Xmas an a Happy New Year. I also like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers from all over the globe for their continued support, comments, tips etc. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the mail but I try ;-) This place has become such a cool community for learning new tricks. Maybe hard to believe for some but I’m still learning too you know :o) So enjoy the holidays and I hope to see you all next year too.

Dec 22

Illustrator Live Trace

8 comments 2005 at 02.27 am posted by Veerle Pieters

A reader raised the question why I don’t use the Live Trace instead of tracing the sketch with the Pen tool. It’s simply because the lines of my sketch aren’t ‘clean’ enough to make it work with Live Trace. The outcome depends a lot on your orignal, as you can see here in these experiments. Not that you can’t do magic tricks with this tool, of course you can.

Dec 19

Illustration, from sketch to finish - Part One

39 comments 2005 at 09.07 am posted by Veerle Pieters

This time there is nothing much to explain. Well, it’s actually hard to explain how you draw bezier curves in Illustrator. I had the urge to do some sketches and I believe I owe it to myself, it’s been too long since I had this kind of fun.

Dec 15

Disable Snap to Grid in a snap

14 comments 2005 at 01.22 am posted by Veerle Pieters

The Snap to Grid is a handy (Photosop) function, but have you ever been a bit frustrated because it gets in your way? OK maybe you think, no problem I just hit command + shift + semicolon to switch it on or off. OK that’s one way, and the most common way indeed.

Dec 12


26 comments 2005 at 06.53 am posted by Veerle Pieters

A very common problem with CSS layouts is that if you float an image left or right, the content that follows this image will float next to the image. That’s obvious since that’s exactly what it should do. Sometimes we want this effect only to a certain point.

Dec 07

Inside is out with my article in it

37 comments 2005 at 12.11 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Two short things on this Wednesday: Number 1: Inside is out with my article about using web standards in it. Fingers crossed that some more people will get the benefits of using web standards by reading it.

Dec 05

Microsoft tweaks IE to shield itself from liability

9 comments 2005 at 11.32 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Remember the Eolas patent an ongoing court struggle between Microsoft and the University of California? After two years Microsoft is now changing the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX controls like for example the Flash plugin and Java applets. In 2003 the changes proposed were pretty disruptive since you needed to click an OK on a alert window every time a flash movie was loading.

KBC Online progress update III

4 comments 2005 at 02.09 am posted by Veerle Pieters

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