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Jun 30

Inspiration series: Posters

30 comments 2008 at 03.01 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

We continue the inspiration series with some very cool poster designs. The reason I started these series is to show that there is so much more out there to jump start the inspiration process. You don’t need the website galleries all the time. For me it is a good thing to browse around in the *offline* world as well. It’s a bit of glimpse into my bookmark library.

Jun 24

Simple organic shapes the Illustrator way

21 comments 2008 at 09.19 am posted by Veerle Pieters

In my post from a few weeks ago, I demonstrated how to create simple organic shapes in Photoshop. In the comments a reader asked me “how to accomplish the transparency effect using Illustrator”. I thought why not showing the same creation in Illustrator while we’re at it. So here we go…

Jun 17

Grid masking

37 comments 2008 at 08.28 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Soulstice - Mixed Illusions A reader showed me this image with the question if I knew how to create this masking grid effect on the photo of this album. My first reaction was “Oh Soulstice Mixed Illusions I totally love this album” :) This grid masking seems like an interesting technique to take a closer look at. I’m sure there are many ways to excecute this technique and you could do this both in Illustrator or Photoshop…

Jun 11

Apple + Mobistar = FAIL!

62 comments 2008 at 03.17 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

The day after the announcement of the Apple iPhone 3G I was really excited to see Belgium among the 22 countries who would have the device available at July 11th. Now a few days later it seems that the flags of Belgium have been moved on the site to “soon available”. I understand that things here aren’t exactly the same as in most other countries because it is illegal here to sell contract/phone bundling in other words sim locked phones.

Jun 10

Design Critiquing

36 comments 2008 at 01.29 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Everybody has an opinion and tastes differ. That’s why you can’t create a design that everyone will like. Also, and this is what my article of today is about, there is a world of difference between designing for a personal project for instance your own blog, or designing for a client project. The final result may not always be as you would have prefered because there is the client’s wish. In the end you might even agree with certain critique that people have on the design of a project…

Jun 03

Simple organic shapes in Photoshop

45 comments 2008 at 10.25 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Lately I seem to be inspired by geometric forms and patterns in general, and today especially with a bit of an organic touch. I came across a very inspiring image months ago that uses an intersting technique, but I seem to have lost the URL. Today I thought of creating my own version because it seems like an interesting thing to explore. As usual I like to keep things simple. So I experimented a bit and I ‘ve found an easy way to create something that looks rather complex. Take a look at this…

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