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Jul 29

Student illustrators and graphic designers working together

8 comments 2008 at 08.00 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Today I would like to share an interesting video (of 4 episodes) about 8 student illustrators and 8 student graphic designers (from the Art Center of Pasadena, California) who designed the magazine spreads in the theme of “Serious Play” for the Wrap Magazine. The interesting part in these 4 movies is the collaboration between individuals that have a different perception of each other’s job but managed to work together intensely. It’s such a valuable lesson because working together is like a red line throughout a career. This got me thinking about my student days and how different things were back then…

Jul 22

Illustrator Make with Mesh

50 comments 2008 at 09.37 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Sometimes I think “what could I create next?”. Why not start with just 4 lines and 5 color swatches and see from there? Use the tools at hand and see where it ends up. Surprising results happen when you do. Here is where I ended up…

Jul 14

Inspiration series: Magazines

37 comments 2008 at 11.33 am posted by Veerle Pieters

We continue the exploration of the offline world in search for that spark of inspiration. This time we are going to look at magazines. There are all sorts of them out there and some are better than others. I’ve tried to come up with an interesting mix of styles and topics to keep it diverse.

Jul 08

iPhone 3G Belgium announced after all

47 comments 2008 at 05.50 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Mobistar today announced that the iPhone will be available at the 11th of July just as originally announced by Apple. You have to ask yourself why all the failing if they can launch it on the target date after all. This puzzles me as it doesn’t offer confidence towards your customers.

Jul 03

Apple + Mobistar = Fail update

25 comments 2008 at 08.39 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

You think the iPhone launch in Belgium couldn’t get any worse? Think again. Mobistar just announced that the press event of tomorrow has been cancelled. The reason you ask? Apparently not all commercial details are ready by now so it has to be postponed to a later date. A later date that they can’t say just yet. I think Mobistar is going for the worst Apple iPhone partner ever award! Steve Jobs if you read this I would terminate this deal if I was you as this makes you look seriously stupid. How many times can you screw a good opportunity? In Mobistar’s case a lot :D At Mobistar nobody was available for comments. I wonder why? Man, at Proximus they must be having a ball.

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