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Oct 29

New Duoh! dot com has launched

94 comments 2008 at 04.03 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Geert and I worked very hard and are very proud to finally announce the launch of the new Duoh! website — our business site. It took us a lot of time to finish it due to the heavy workload of the past couple of months, and the fact that any spare time I could find during the weekends was always spent on writing articles for the blog. Actually, much of the design itself was already finished in November 2007! That was right after I wrote about designs that didn’t make it. From then on, our minds were made up and we both felt that this is what we wanted.

Oct 23

Offset Path on text in Illustrator

17 comments 2008 at 07.56 am posted by Veerle Pieters

In my previous article I talked about how you can apply a line pattern effect on text in Illustrator where I showed 3 different techniques. The last technique bugged me because it wasn’t a really ideal one. It involved a lot of tweaking. In the comments Jesse and Amanda suggested an interesting approach definitely interesting enough to investigate and try out…

Oct 16

3 ways to apply a line pattern effect on text in Illustrator

25 comments 2008 at 08.06 am posted by Veerle Pieters

A reader told me she used my command shape technique on a logo she was creating, but asked me if I knew a way where she could apply the lines inside the shape of the letters instead of applying them as a brush stroke. If you have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me explain 3 different technique on how you can apply a line pattern effect on text in Illustrator.

Oct 07

Logo design process of Scroll magazine

45 comments 2008 at 12.55 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Today we are going to talk a little about a recent logo design I did but first a little background info. On June 25th Maxine Sherrin, one of the founders of Web Directions, asked me if I would be interested in designing the first magazine for their web conferences. I was thrilled by this invite and also honored they asked me. The tought alone, to design a magazine for print for a client on the other side of the world sounded very exotic and challenging. Since I know both John and Maxine pretty well I didn’t need extra time to think about it. My answer was yes of course…

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