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Oct 28

Do you like blood and gore?

2005 at 05.29 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Are you into blood and gore? Well our Director guru and graphic designer Sven is, and that’s the reason why he gets the mic in the spirit of Halloween! Go Sven ;-)

During 2003 some friends founded the ‘Summer of Sickness’, a small filmfestival for ‘people with a bad appetite’. The first festival aired films from the horror/gore underground scene like “Violent Shit” from the (in)famous Andreas Schnaas (which we later interviewed in the blistering heat of Hamburg during the summer of ‘03) and “Rabid Grannies”, a braindead badly dubbed and terrible acted flick from Flamish soil, nevertheless an exquisit movie for an evening of mental mayhem. All our efforts were not in vain, the festival was a succes.

Leaping a year further in time we changed the name to Midsplatternight and created an official review/interview/festivalsite. The event in 2004 was an even bigger succes, a lot of media attention and a lot of people showing up at this eving of chop’m up action. Work from renowed directors from the genre like Lucio Fulci, Jörg Buttgereit and the older work of Peter -Lord of the Rings- Jackson were aired and again the festival was a succes. A succes to such an extent that we needed a bigger an better place for this year’s edition!

Midsplatternight 2005

So what will happen on October 31st 2005?. We’ll be starting off with an oldtime ‘cannibal’ classic from Italy, “Cannibal Ferox” (“Make Them Die Slowly”) from Umberto Lenzi, ofcourse we air the uncut version which was banned in 31 coutries in the early 80’s. Next off we head to the United States where we meet with the alltime splatterhero, Ash, played by bruce Campbell in the 1987 classic “Evil Dead 2: Deadby Dawn”. After this weird cocktail of splatter and three stooges humor we unleash “Return of the Living Dead part 3”. We finally end on european land with Olaf ittenbachs (Germany) masterpiece from 1997: “Premutos der Gefallene Engel”. We call this one mockingly a German Sicky - so no extra information is needed here. :-)

Movies as these made in the 80’s and early 90’s require that you switch off your ‘I am going to watch these flicks seriously”-button. These movies come from a time were people wanted to make a movie with little means at hand, these low budget (read: no-budget) flicks show a lot of humor and when you try to see this, you’ll be having a hell of a time… chop ‘m up!

Midsplatternight website




permalink this comment luxuryluke Fri Oct 28, 2005 at 05.33 pm

HAHAHAH! love it!



permalink this comment Raven Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 05.34 am

Evil Dead was one of the first slasher movies I saw. It’s so over-the-top you gotta love it. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.



permalink this comment train manager Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 09.16 am

Do you like blood and gore? Well, Veerle, do you love it?

If I can make a b cult movie, I call it: eurostar to hell! With Veerle as victim and me, the poor Dutch speaking train manager, as slashing demon hero. Do you make it of will you burn in hell!



permalink this comment Ruben Sun Oct 30, 2005 at 12.10 pm

I really hope there is still some blood inside of me. Other than that I prefer not to watch it :-P

Yeah… I get dizzy.



permalink this comment Kishen Mon Oct 31, 2005 at 08.04 am

Anyone seen Braindead? Everytime I see a lawnmower I start to laugh!!



permalink this comment ziepe Wed Nov 2, 2005 at 04.34 pm

Haha - the lawnmower scene in Braindead is classic :-)

Paquita: “Lionel!”
Lionel: “Yes?”
Paquita: “Your mother ate my dog !!”
Lionel: “Not all of it…”


Classic :-) It’s rumoured that Peter Jackson once more will make a splatterfest after the release of King Kong, but then, they said the same after he finished the LoTR saga…


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