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Feb 27

I need some IE fixing

2004 at 01.09 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Today I had to do a rush job in CSS and XHTML. All went smoothly until I previewed my work in Internet Explorer 6 on PC. My buttons kind of jump or move when you roll over them and my fly-out submenus isn’t perfectly positioned either, it partially overlaps the main menu and they appear below my content on the right…. First thing you’ll notice is that I use table tags, but I’m still in the middle of things and I’m going to change this at a later stage when I have more time. Right now the only thing that matters is getting this menu right.

css menu

I'll probably have to use id containers instead of table tags to fix the problem of submenu appearing under the mid section content instead of above.

No idea why this jumping happens. Only one thing is for sure it appears to be fine in IE on Windows when I leave the submenus out. I'm still learning all this IE fixing, so if anybody has more experience on this matter, please let me know (use the comments link please).

When I got this right I'll make a post about it.




permalink this comment Steven Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 03.55 pm

its jumping in windows IE aswell, except for the *it appear to be fine* link, just apply those styles to the other mark up and you should be set.



permalink this comment Jeff Minard Fri Feb 27, 2004 at 08.50 pm

If you are going to be going from one markup to another, it’s gonna have to be reworked anyway, so why ask right now? What’s the new code going to look like? If you have that, put it up and we can see about fixin it all up.

BTW, the linked example on my machine the only glitches are that on roll over the button that you are over pushed the next one down 3 pixels…are you floating the sub menus? This might cause that extra space - if not, I’m not sure.

As for the menu’s rendering weird - I am only seeing them render under the dropdown menus (ie6, winxp), and for that bug you might want to look into z-index’ing the divs? Not sure that would do it, but maybe.

Otherwise, if it’s still a bustin when you get the new markup, put that up.



permalink this comment Steven Sat Feb 28, 2004 at 04.46 am

/ so why ask right now?...

because its her site,maybe because she wants an answer to help her solve the problem faster than she could by her self..or maybe she just felt like posting a new topic on he blog, that she thought users could interact with.. /

there are many reasons why she posted the topic, but noe of which should concern you ;).



permalink this comment Veerle Sat Feb 28, 2004 at 05.16 am

I’m asking help right now because I made this within 3 hours, because I had too. It was a demo to a client that needed to be finished. Now, after this I got time (till Wednesday) to make it perfect.

Those IE hacks are a bit new to me and I’m still learning CSS also.

When this is done, it’s my intention to make a post about it with some explanation so others can also benefit from the help that I got here. I certainly want to make it a win-win situation for everyone.



permalink this comment Jiri Plistil Sat Feb 28, 2004 at 12.05 pm

Try see here

Jiri :-)

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