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Sep 30

MX, XP, CS,... what is this!

2003 at 08.36 am posted by Veerle Pieters

Aren’t you going crazy about today’s applications version names! Adobe yesterday added a “CS” monicker to its application names. What ever happened to plain old numbering? :-S Yesterday Adobe announced their brand new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. ... and guess what, the marketing boys did a chat with Macromedia I think!

Creative Suite AdobeTheir versions are called now CS, no not version 8 or 11 etc., CS, MX,... What is this nowadays? Isn’t this crap? It is already hard to follow in numbers, now they make it even more difficult and less useable with this 2 letter-word- thing. The MX in the Macromedia seems to stand for nothing, it just sounded cool according to Macromedia’s CEO…

At least I’ll give Adobe a bit of credit since their monicker stands for something, “Creative Suite”. But first when I saw Golive CS, my mind wondered back to the “good old days” of Golive CyberStudio :-D It wouldn’t surprise me that after 2 months or so that some usability guys will come up with the conclusion that the 2 letter-word isn’t such a good idea after all… because users are more confused then ever before! Time to get back to numbers… but then again… numbers can also suck, remember Illustrator 88 ... and then next version was version 3.0 :-S What mess this is. 




permalink this comment Jason Sat Dec 4, 2004 at 03.48 pm

I’d agree that it’s partly a marketting push, a la Macromedia MX etc.

But I would say Adobe has some good reasons for using the “CS” suffix. Almost all of the applications are able to work more seemlessly between each other. Also, Version Cue is exclusive only to the CS line of products.

It feels like Adobe is taking a different or more focussed direction with its core applications used in print. They might be trying to capitalize on InDesign, since they now have a stable and viable alternative to QuarkXpress. People have been using Photoshop and Quark for ages, always having to convert formats been the two and switching applications to get work done. With the addition of InDesign, it feels like their publishing suite is more complete.

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