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Jan 17

pMachine Pro now a free download

2005 at 02.59 am posted by Veerle Pieters

pMachine Pro is the CMS that this blog is using. After a year of great satisfaction I can safely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tool to setup a blog. Eventually when time permits I’ll move over to ExpressionEngine because of its power and flexibility. But if you want something similar like my blog pMachine will do the trick.

Before you had to choose between pMachine Free and pMachine Pro. But today Rick Ellis, CEO of pMachine, Inc. send us an open letter wherein he said:

It is with some sadness that I announce the official retirement of pMachine Pro. Today's release of pMachine Pro version 2.4 marks the end of official development for this program. This was a very difficult decision for us, and one that took many months to make, but it was ultimately made by our users, who have almost universally embraced ExpressionEngine, our next generation publishing system, instead of pMachine Pro. Although we will no longer actively develop pMachine Pro, we will continue to make it available for download. In fact, it will now be free of charge. We are changing the licensing, making pMachine Pro available for download at no cost. pMachine Free will be discontinued entirely, while pMachine Pro will continue to be made available.

Today's release of version 2.4 has a significant list of new features and enhancements. Many of them are in the area of comment spam, a pain we all suffer from lately. One of them is Captcha ability for Comments, Collective Weblogs, Email forms, and Member Registration.

The decision to retire pMachine Pro is ultimately made by the users, who have almost universally embraced ExpressionEngine, the next generation publishing system, instead of pMachine Pro. Today 9 out 10 people choice ExpressionEngine.

So if you're doubting if this free version is something for you, take a look at the feature list of pMachine Pro. Pretty sure it's one of the better CMS tools out there that are free of charge.

I've used this program with great pleasure and the support has been great so far. pMachine Inc is a small company which employs ten people and pMachine Pro had a lifecycle of three years. Looking forward to what Rick and his team are up to now that all resources can be concentrated on ExpressionEngine.

If you're a designer and are doubting if ExpressionEngine is something for you then I recommend a visit to Marc Boulton's blog since he posted an interesting article called "Expression Engine - Designers Questions".




permalink this comment markie Mon Jan 17, 2005 at 05.28 am

Wow, that could be just the thing I needed… I have a new webserver here with PHP and want to move on from MovableType to something else… and pMachine Pro has everything I need, I guess… and it being free is a big pro of course :-)



permalink this comment Jeff Mon Jan 17, 2005 at 10.40 am

It’s not for me, but that’s pretty impressive. I just don’t need a full cms though, but for anybody that does I’m sure that’ll work wonders!



permalink this comment Anthony Baker Mon Jan 17, 2005 at 11.12 pm

Have been an MT user for some time, but am definitely interested in pMachine and Expression Engine for some current clients—especially after seeing some of the great pMachine work (hacking) done for Always On.

What’s the major differences between pMachine and Expression Engine, though?



permalink this comment Veerle Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 07.03 am

@Anthony, I guess the big difference is that Expression Engine works with templates. Templates that you define. Each template is a webpage containing dynamic data defined by EE tags. It’s entirely up to you what will be dynamic on a page/template and what not, and how you want to show that data on your site. There’s a list of possibilities. Another big difference is that you can create as many blogs as you want. You can create a blog for each section of the site. You can change the term ‘weblog’ into ‘section’ or into whatever you want in the Admin of EE. You can also create custom fields, as many as you want. With pMachine you can’t and you can only create 1 weblog. This is just to name a few big differences between the 2. The approach is different. pMachine is really blog-based but with EE you can go much further, you have much more flexibility and freedom. Hope this answers your question.



permalink this comment giovanni Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 12.51 pm

I am a pM pro user. It allows for multiple “blogs” or sections. So with pM pro now being free it is a great way for people to try out a great CMS with a lot of functionality. I will be moving one of my sites to EE in teh near future. Looking forward to exploring EE’s capabilities.



permalink this comment Anthony Baker Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 11.23 am

Expression Engine sounds great—just wish I could download the sucker for a bit without paying. Don’t like the hosted option for testing, as if I did any customization this wouldn’t work on the site I’m using it for.

As for pMachine Pro—Giovanni’s comment indicates that you can set up multiple weblogs and do sections as well. Is that correct?

And does pMachine pro allow for templates at all or fields? It all sounds wonderfully interesting, that’s for sure. I like the customization allowed by the app and how it seems it can be tailored to a non-blog implementation.



permalink this comment giovanni Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 12.43 pm

Anthony - With pM Pro 2.4 you can have multiple sections (weblogs). In other words a many paged site can be all driven from within pM Pro. So if this meets your needs, you can develop a new site in pM and then if you are happy and wish t o make use of the other features of EE like photo gallery, you can as i understand it export from pM to EE. I am planning on moving to EE for the next project.



permalink this comment Veerle Thu Jan 20, 2005 at 06.16 am

@Anthony: Maybe you missed it but there is a 14 days trial that you can explore on your server instead of the hosting solution.

About pMachine maybe have a look at the feature overview on the site.



permalink this comment Andy Mon Mar 14, 2005 at 06.12 pm

This is easily a beginner’s question, but I will ask anyhow. How exactly do these blogs apps integrate into your website? Are there any solid tutorials that detail how they integrate?



permalink this comment lauras Wed Apr 27, 2005 at 12.54 pm

Andy, me too was trying to find out but none of them would tell me. Now, Andy, I am neither developer nor the designer, although I am a little on mechanical PHP/MYSQL side.
The way the blogs and websites come together is a little weird question. Hypothetically, imagine a bread store (what your viewers see or your website). The way to fill the shelves with bread in the store, you have to have machinery, ingredients and etc. in the back of the store (that is your webblog app). So you create bread in the back, and take it upfront for people to buy. Webblog app. is where you make your website through the built in authoring and html tools. Some webblog apps allow you to even make changes to your CSS right from the admin, without manually locating “layout.css” file. I personaly mess with WordPress.
LAYOUT: as far as layout, you can edit the css properties of the template. For additional custom php modules, sections and layout you have to be at least a little php savvy. I have learned layout from Veerles template creation tutorial. PHP and CSS go together so much, that you have to get a hang of a little bit of both. There are templates that you can download and switch to from webblog app. admin section in matter of seconds. Best way to experiment.  The beauty of these webblog apps is you get a working weblog, no mysql databases to make manually, no design or coding needed. Upload and go.
Unfortunately, just like anyone else would tell you, I cannot help you more till you experiment and shoot specific questions at the community.
Good luck and take care.



permalink this comment lauras Wed Apr 27, 2005 at 01.15 pm

MULTIPLE BLOGS, do I have to install whe whole pMpro again? If I want 5 sections, do I have to upload the whole downloaded package 5 times, modify 5 pm-config’s and run install 5 times?
Veerle, I know yours is pmpro, do you have 17 blogs installed as sections?
If so, do you have to login and author whole 17 seperately (logicaly not likely but what a heck eh?:-)) or they automaticaly come up as whatever you name them in your admin dashboard?

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