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Nov 24

Update on what is going on

2009 at 08.17 pm posted by Veerle Pieters

Here is a little update on what is going on over at Duoh! HQ. The new blog is coming along slowly and I am almost at the stage of adding content. Currently I need to work on the archive page and my about page. Those are still two big pages that I need to finish. When these are done I can concentrate on getting some content in there.

Slowly moving forward

I hoped I would be further along by now but life and work got in the way. A few weeks ago I was in Leiden for EECI 2009 and we recently had some friends over from the US that we showed around. Since it is only during the weekends that I can work on it it isn't going as fast as I want. I also had to do some extra urgent work on an exciting project during one weekend, a project that should see the light of day soon now.


Project wise we have been very busy as well. A recent fun one was DealTattle. I recommend that you read the full background and watch the site mascotte come to life in a movie that I created to show the process from sketch till finish.


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